Simple yet Effective Lobby Sign Solutions

Simple yet Effective Lobby Sign Solutions

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Lobby Sign

Purchasing a simple yet effective lobby sign to brand your business location does not need to be difficult.    An easy way to produce a lobby sign can be your logo or company name applied to a substrate such as acrylic or metal. 

The metal or acrylic can come in a variety of shades.  One of our favorite companies for amazing colored acrylic is Acrylite Satinice© and for metal substrates we are inspired by Chemetal©.  The treatment of the wording can be anything from white to high intensity color.  It could even have a diamond flake or matte metallic treatment which is often found in car wrap materials. 

How you make your choice of materials should be driven by the emotions your brand is trying to elicit.  For example, if your brand wants to establish a feeling of stability then you will more than likely want to go to conservative colors and font treatment.  If your brand is to excite and energize, embracing a more vibrant color scheme makes more sense. 

When you are working with a sign manufacturer to design your lobby sign you should be ready to visit about the following items:

  • What emotions are you to trying to drive with your brand?
  • Is there a color scheme in the space that you need to work within?
  • Do you want to duplicate your logo or use lettering?
  • Do you have a certain style or materials in mind?
  • What is your budget range? 

These questions will help your sign partner develop a recommendation that will match your needs and be respectful of your resources.

When you are ready to visit further about your lobby sign, feel free to reach out to us at   We love to help people develop the visual representation of their brand and bring it more to life.