Mesh Banners Good in the Wind

Mesh Banners Good in the Wind

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Mesh Banners Good in the Wind

March is blowing in like a lion, making it perfect time for mesh banners. 

Mesh banners are a great and effective solution for many things from construction sites to ball fields.   The crisscross fabric allows for digital printing of graphics while still allowing air to move through.  It also weighs less than a vinyl banner.

Graphics on a mesh banner can be anything from text to a photo.  Key item to remember in the development of your mesh banner is that the colors may not feel as intense because of the non-continuous printing of color due to the gaps in the woven material. 

To get a great finished edge, hemming is a must with either hem tape or stitching.  Also, frequent placement of grommets allows for multiple places of securement to ensure the banner does not sag.

Mesh banners can be stored and used multiple times.  The best way to store your mesh banner is to ensure it is clean and dry before it is rolled up and placed into a tube. 

Needing to develop your own mesh banner?  Don’t hesitate to reach out to Convey Sign Solutions for your mesh banner needs.