Developing Your Trade Show Space

Developing Your Trade Show Space

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Trade shows are a great opportunity to introduce your product and service offerings to potential customers.  It pays to think through the following question to maximize your opportunity for return on your investment.

  1. Who is the audience that is attending the trade show?
  2. How can your product or service make their life easier or better?
  3. How can your trade show space quickly peak their curiosity and speak to their needs?

Knowing your audience is key to determine how your product offering can make their life easier or better.  What speaks to a IT professional is different from someone who is marketing professional.  What speaks to a contractor is different than a home owner.  What speaks to a publicly traded company can be different than a small company.  The comparisons are endless.

Once you have thought through your key audience the next step is to determine; What can your product and service do that can make their life easier?  How can you take their pain away?  Can you give them an experience they have only dreamed of?   Thinking about past conversations with customers will give you great feedback on how you can effectively highlight your product.  What do your current customers tell you that you do well?   Or, if you are launching a new product, what do you want them to feel?

Finally bringing this experience into your trade show booth is exciting and daunting.  You have just a moment to peak the attendees’ curiosity and draw them into your space.  How do you maximize your space to tell your story quickly and visually?  Do you use a great call out, show photos or video, play games, have a demonstration or physically display your product?    Once you determine how you can best engage your audience ask yourself the following questions to help you develop your booth:

  • Will your product or service best be promoted through being placed on the floor, table and stand?  Or displayed on a monitor or backdrop? 
  • How can you minimize the visual clutter and focus people on what the most important features of your product?  What are the important features to stand out?
  • And, finally, what budget do you have available to spend to develop your trade show space?

Having answers to these questions will help your trade show partner provide recommendations on ways to develop your space that can draw attention and encourage interaction.  Convey Sign Solutions is ready to be your partner to develop solutions that can help promote your product and give you a booth space to encourage interaction with your potential customers.