Daktronics Factory Trained

Daktronics Factory Trained

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G6 Sign

Recently I drove to Brookings, South Dakota to attend Daktronics factory training.  This was a 2-day training led by a former help desk employee who had a variety of experiences.  It was a great experience that answered a lot of questions that I didn’t know I needed to ask.  We went through all the LED signs that they sold this century.  As with any progressive company there were several models to go over. 

I found it interesting that their tech followed along closely with computer tech.  Older models used 20 pin ribbon cables, while current models use SATA cables.  This upgrade allowed for two-way communication, which allows for redundancy that was not available in the older models.  Like with Christmas lights, just because one module fails doesn’t mean the following mods will also fail.

We also toured the testing facility at the factory.  There may be other companies who test as much as Dak, but none who test more, and I doubt any test as much.  They showed us how they freeze, bake, shake, spray, dunk and more to the components and fully assembled cabinets. They even have a shake table that simulates the shaking that occurs during transport; the data collected over years by accelerometers placed in cabinets as they were shipped all over the country.

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