Control Your Signage

Control Your Signage

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With the holiday season coming I would like to talk to you about securing your outdoor decorations, and how they relate to portable signage.

First a story that got me thinking about this.  I was at my auto mechanic, who is also a good client, and he was lending me a truck while he worked on my car.  When we went out to the truck the neighboring business’s a-frame sign was leaning against the tailgate and had damaged it enough that it had to be fixed.  The sign was made of heavy steel and probably weighed in the 40 lb range.  That was not enough to prevent the wind from blowing it over and causing damage.

So, back to my point whether it is a sign or your snowman in your yard, preparing for winter winds is a must.  Large inflatables are obvious, they need a lot of security.  That doesn’t prevent plenty of videos of decorations blowing down the street.  Less obvious are solid, but light decorations that can be taken by a sudden gust.

Remember when securing to the ground that frozen ground may not hold stakes as well as normal. Having a longer rope attached to the stake can help keep it in the ground. 

A good rule of thumb: If you think it is good enough, it probably could use one more attachment.

Enjoy the holidays!

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