Awnings for eye catching impact

Awnings for eye catching impact

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Awnings for eye catching impact

5 Reasons to Have an Awning Promoting Your Business

Awnings are often an overlooked functional signage opportunity for your business.  Why should you consider an awning for your business?

Easier to find: A brightly colored awning with your logo lets people looking for you know they are in the right place. There are many shapes and styles of awnings, some will need to blend in with neighbors, some will have to meet city code, but all can be an eye grabber.

Brand recognition: People driving by see the name of your company.  When they need of your service, your business name will stand out among the others.  Making sure the awning graphics are neat and legible will help capture that short interaction.

Weather protection:  Whether sun or rain, and awning can protect the building from the elements.  Heat can build up in windows, while awnings can create a shade area.  They can also help provide a space to open umbrellas and pull up collars.

Additional usable space: If you serve outside the awning will help make your patrons more comfortable.  An awning can keep weather off patrons and allow for expanded seating in various conditions.

Property Value: While a commercial awning itself may not increase the value of your business, it can protect the building from harmful UV and water damage around your most noticeable area, the front door. 

We are here to help if you are ready to investigate an awning purchase further.